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A European Thunderhorn World of Warcraft Guild

Do hours of power levelling and endless raiding leave you with a strange empty feeling? The One is the first Thunderhorn Warcraft guild to openly embrace and take to heart the concepts of Random Kindness and Pay It Forward. The One operates on the Alliance side of the European World of Warcraft server Thunderhorn and is one of Thunderhorn's oldest and stablest social guilds. We've been around since World of Warcraft launched in February of 2005.

The heart of The One is adherence to three rules:

  1. Help yourself.
  2. Help your guild members.
  3. Help others.

If you're a social, helpful, mature, and giving player, you will find a good home in The One. Read more about our philosophy.

Important Announcements
(Older Announcements)

The One Joins Blizzard's Guild Mentor Program

:: Posted by Elsheindra at 18:48 GMT on September 02, 2012
I am pleased to announce that The One has been selected by Blizzard to be the official Blizzard Mentor Guild for the Alliance side on EU-Thunderhorn. The guild mentor program...

Welcome Basil as Our Newest Officer

:: Posted by Elsheindra at 14:34 GMT on July 31, 2012
The One is pleased to announce the promotion of Basil/Foxglove to fill our remaining officer slot. That means we once again have a full complement of officers. Basil will be...

Welcome to Level 25

:: Posted by Elsheindra at 21:04 GMT on October 17, 2011
OK, this is a bit late, but I thought I should document that the guild reached Level 25 October 4th with a push through by downing Coren Direbrew over and...

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