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How to Keep Your HVAC System Running Efficiently for Years

Summerville HVACOther than the cost of your home, the HVAC system can possibly be the next costly expenditure you will make during your time living there. If you are not taking the time to maintain the system properly, then you are going to be spending money on a new system long before it should have lasted. Barrus Heating an Air says to consider these tips for helping you to get the longest live out of the heating and cooling system in your home, see them for your air conditioning repair Summerville SC.

Perhaps the easiest and least expensive thing that you can do to maintain your HVAC system is inspecting the air filters once a month. If they can not be cleaned, replace them. If they can be cleaned, replace them once every three months. Clogged air filters make the HVAC system have to run harder to push all that treated air through the filters. Clean filters will allow air to easily make its way through the ducts.

Take a good look at the weather-stripping in all the doors and windows. If it is dry, cracked, or missing, then treated air is escaping from those areas. The more air escaping, the harder the overall system has to keep parking to maintain a certain temperature. Once sealed correctly, there will be less wear on the moving parts of the heating and cooling system as a result.

Keep the outside fan clear of debris as well. If things like trash or twigs get inside the unit, it can impede the flow of the fan blades. The harder the fans spin, the harder the unit is going to run to maintain temperatures. Turn off the system, remove the cover, and clear out anything inside near the fans that should not be there. Then close it up and clear away bushes and tree limbs that are wining a few feet of the unit.

Perhaps the easiest thing you can do is call a local HVAC repair company to come to the house semi-annually to inspect all the parts. These experts have years experience at being able to spot a small problem quickly and make the repair so you are not stuck without the system at the worst possible time.

Now you see how easy it really is to get the maximum usage out of your HVAC system. Take your time and go through this list one at a time and you will be doing everything possible to help keep your heating and cooling system running efficiently.