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The Most Effective Tips for Staging Your House

Charleston Luxury HomesStaging your house takes a little bit of planning, but when you get it right, it is like having potential customers right in the palms of your hand. The key is to stage it so it looks like a model house, the houses you visit when new developments are going to be built. Premier One brings you a few staging tips that will help you to get your house looking like one of those model homes that are used to sell houses quickly. Visit them when looking for homes for sale in Charleston SC.

The first tip is perhaps the most important staging tip. You are going to have to pack eventually, so why not get a jump on things and start packing up as much as possible and keep it in a storage facility until moving day. The benefits are far-reaching because not only does the house have less clutter, potential buyers are going to think there is plenty of space in each room for all of their belongings.

There is only so much you can clean yourself before you have to make the call to get the professionals on the job. Your realtor can put you in touch with local cleaning companies that could really restore the look of your home. They will start by cleaning the carpeting and flooring, then remove odors from all the upholstery, make all the windows sparkle, and then restore the look to all the tiles in the kitchen and bathroom. Your potential buyers will certainly notice the difference as soon as they walk in your home.

Time to take all those family pictures off the walls and around the house and replace them with neutral decor instead. The reason for this is more subliminal than anything, but it will have a huge positive impact on sales. When a buyer walks in and sees room after room of your family in those pictures, they have to expend energy trying to imagine your family gone first, before they can visualize their family there. Eliminate that extra step so they can simply picture their own family in the house making use of every room and growing as a family,

Now that you know the tips for staging your house, get working on it now before any more buyers come to look at the home. If you are late to the party, make the changes and then ask your realtor to update the pictures on the real estate listings to show more favorable images.